IR Promotion Council to be launched in November

IR Promotion Council to be launched in November

The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry announced the selection of a curated group to promote the city’s integrated resort bid.

Japan.-  The group – which was tentatively named IR Promotional Council – is expected to be established on November 6. In addition to the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry, other eight groups will also join in the venture.

As reported by The Nikkei, officials will be appointed on the day of establishment.

Every year, the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry submits a summary of the desires and suggestions for municipal government administration; and budget compilation for the next year to coincide with the Yokohama city budget compilation.

Similarly, in September, the “Desires for Yokohama City Government Administration” document was submitted to Mayor Hayashi. It included the hope to make a Yokohama IR bid a reality.

Furthermore, the document mentioned, “recognition of the necessity to establish a Yokohama IR Promotion Council with the objective of planning an IR bid for and promoting a unique Yokohama IR; and establish recognition that an IR that creates new industry and jobs is a valid option in order to maintain and develop the city’s economy”

It also highlighted that the IR bid “is considered an effective strategy for resolving Yokohama’s prominent issues; not attracting enough overnight visitors and ensuring new tax revenue … and we hope that a Yokohama bid would be successful to lead to the revitalization of the city’s economy.”

Also, on October 21, Hokkaido’s local economic group announced an “Emergency joint declaration,” promoting a speedy IR bid.

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