IPI raises concerns over unregulated gaming machines

IPI raises concerns over unregulated gaming machines

The CEO of Imperial Pacific International has said there are over 700 illegal gaming machines in Saipan.

Northern Mariana Islands.- Imperial Pacific International chief executive officer Donald Browne has claimed that regulators and lawmakers should stop worrying about “minor issues” and clamp down on around 700 “unregulated and unlawful” gaming machines he says are operating on Saipan.

Browne said regulators and legislators should protect the “welfare of the good citizens of our senatorial district, who are being deceived.”

Browne’s allegations come after an investigation into IPI director Dong Tinz Zheng. According to the Saipan Tribune, the Commonwealth Casino Commission has undertaken an inquiry on the whereabouts of IPI director.

At its last monthly meeting, CCC acting executive director Andrew Yeom had asked Browne where Zheng is, to which Browne replied that he did not know.

Browne said his understanding is that Zheng is still in China as travel is restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He argued that he is not in a position to question someone’s whereabouts.

Regarding the alleged unlawful gaming machines on Saipan, Browne said that closing one’s eyes to unlawful activity does not exonerate those persons or bodies that are sworn to protect the gaming industry of Saipan.

He said: “Casino gaming activities outside of the one licensed casino are against the law”.

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