IPI equipment auction to begin on October 7

The CCC needs to document IPI’s gaming assets for monitoring purposes.
The CCC needs to document IPI’s gaming assets for monitoring purposes.

Clear Management is in the process of working through the equipment inventory and will be auctioning a selection on a regular basis.

Northern Mariana Islands.- IPI’s receiver Clear Management Ltd has announced that it will begin its auction of the casino operator’s property on October 7. On the website www.gamingequipmentauction.com, Clear Management said it has accessed the inventory of the casino and has already spent time investigating the casino floor and secured areas.

The inventory for auction comprises over 365 slot machines and 39 electronic table games, together with signage, bases, and slot stools. There are over 240 gaming tables, high-end gaming utilities, 1,400 plus gaming chairs and various casino and cage equipment, including cash counters, safes, and chips.

The gaming equipment ranges from three to eight years old and some has not left the box it was delivered, including MD3 Shufflers from SG and TCS Huxley Roulette Wheels. 

A week ago, Commonwealth Casino Commission executive director Andrew Yeom stressed that the CCC must monitor the auction of casino operator Imperial Pacific International’s gaming assets to monitor where items go.

He told the Saipan Tribune that the movement of IPI’s gaming assets in the jurisdiction is under CCC’s purview and that the CCC needs to track game assets to ensure they don’t fall into the hands of unlicensed operators.

Yeom also said the regulator wants to ensure that any CCC labels and/or seals on machines are removed. He also stressed that the CCC must be kept up to date on IPI’s gaming equipment inventory.

In August, Chief Justice Ramona Manglona lifted the stay on the limited receivership previously granted to IPI, allowing the auction to go ahead. The judge granted a motion filed by seven workers to lift Imperial Pacific International’s moratorium on the sale in compliance with a US bankruptcy judge’s decision.

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