India: 2 arrested over illegal cricket betting

Betting on cricket is illegal in India.
Betting on cricket is illegal in India.

Police in Warangal, in the state of Telangana, have arrested two people on charges of organising illegal bets on the Twenty20 World Cup and the India-New Zealand Twenty20 series.

India.- Police have made two arrests after busting an illegal cricket betting racket that was taking bets through a website. According to the Deccan Herald, the police seized cash debit cards, mobile phones and cheque books from various banks. 

Officers said those arrested had sent customers links with usernames and passwords to participate in online betting. Police also found that the website was used for other forms of gambling that are banned in Telangana.

Tarun Joshi, Warangal police commissioner, told the Deccan Herald: “The betting was for every ball and every player, and the organisers were offering big returns if the winning chances of a team were low.”

One of the men arrested had previously been accused of involvement in two gambling cases in 2019. He was under police watch in Hyderabad but moved to Warangal.

In August, a New Delhi’s police officer was dismissed an officer for being involved in an organised illegal cricket betting operationAmit Kumar was also accused of being associated with criminals and rioters and of organising illegal gambling events.

Officers discovered that both Raghav and Kumar carried out illegal gambling rackets and collected money from gamblers. Police also suspect Kumar was involved with bar owners who were breaching Covid-19 countermeasures.

An officer stated: “We found that Kumar was actively in touch with all the bar owners and managers in the area. During questioning, he admitted he called them regularly.”

In June, police in Andhra Pradesh busted an illegal cricket betting racket that was taking bets on the sixth edition of the Pakistan Super League. According to local media, four people were arrested through a joint operation between the City Task Force and the PM Palem Police.

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