DigiPlus aims for double-digit revenue growth

DigiPlus aims for double-digit revenue growth

DigiPlus aims to expand its user base and attract younger demographics.

The Philippines.- DigiPlus Interactive Corp (previously Leisure and Resorts World Corporation) has forecast a revenue increase of 10-20 per cent for this year. That comes after a 306 per cent increase to PHP27.3bn last year.

Andy Tsui, president of the company, a media briefing that the aim was to expand the company’s user base from 20 million to 25-30 million users by the year’s end by enhancing marketing efforts, particularly in provinces beyond Metro Manila, where the majority of its user base is concentrated. 

The company aims to attract more users in the 30-45 age bracket by introducing new gaming offerings tailored to their preferences. Allocating PHP1.5bn to PHP2bn for maintenance capital expenditures, DigiPlus plans to invest in technology and game development, upgrading existing sites to remain competitive.

Tsui said the company is also looking at expanding overseas, particularly in countries with large Filipino communities since its games are designed to meet Filipino preferences.

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