Crown Resorts halts political donations

Crown Resorts is working to retain its casino licences.
Crown Resorts is working to retain its casino licences.

Crown Resorts has announced that it will cease making cash or in-kind political donations as it continues its attempts to transform the company’s image and retain its Australian casino licences.

Australia.- Crown Resorts continues to take steps to polish its tarnished image in Australia, announcing that it will “cease making monetary or in-kind political donations” with immediate effect.

According to the Australian Electoral Commission, Crown Resorts poured $184,500 into the coffers of parties across the political spectrum in 2019-20.

The decision to halt such donations comes after the Western Australian government announced that the state’s Royal Commission will also investigate Western Australia’s gambling regulator in order to assess the regulator’s efficiency in dealing with junket operations, money laundering concerns and other elements of casino regulation.

The commission will also investigate if Crown is suitable to hold a licence in the state.

Helen Coonan, Crown’s executive chairman, said she has been working with the state’s regulatory body “to meet community expectations.”

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