Court rules in favour of Kan Pacific in payment dispute with IPI

Court rules in favour of Kan Pacific in payment dispute with IPI

The US District Court for the NMI has issued a default judgment.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The US District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands has issued a default judgment exceeding US$200,000 in favour of Kan Pacific Saipan against Imperial Pacific International (IPI)Kan Pacific was suing IPI for nonpayment.

Magistrate judge and clerk of court Heather Kennedy issued the default judgment following IPI’s failure to appear and present its case before the court. In accordance with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 55(b), Kan Pacific Saipan petitioned for a default judgment against IPI.

The judgment includes the principal sum of US$200,000 and prejudgment interest amounting to US$9,698.63, reflecting a 10 per cent increase for each day of nonpayment up to November 21, 2023. Kan Pacific was also granted legal fees and costs, the exact amount to be determined by the court. Post-judgment interest will apply.

The lawsuit alleged that IPI failed to fulfil an annual payment obligation of US$200,000 due on June 1, 2023.

Meanwhile, Clear Management has announced that 6,458 bottles of liquor from the casino operator will be auctioned in early December. This follows a court order dated October 23, 2023, directing the receiver to compile an inventory of items for sale. The receiver has already commenced a live auction for IPI’s gaming equipment. The latest auctions are to satisfy a judgment in favour of former IPI employee Joshua Gray, who s

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