CNMI representative criticises CCC over casino debts

CNMI representative criticises CCC over casino debts

Marissa Flores has accused CCC chairman Edward C. Deleon Guerrero of “not doing justice to help the people of the Commonwealth.”

Northern Mariana Islands.- Representative Marissa Flores has accused the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) of failing to serve the interests of the people of the Commonwealth. Speaking during the miscellaneous part of the House session on Tuesday (June 25), Flores said she meant no disrespect to CCC chairman Edward C. Deleon Guerrero but suggested there was a lack of accountability and transparency in his leadership.

According to Mariana’s Variety, Flores highlighted that the exclusive casino licence holder, Imperial Pacific International (IPI), owes millions of dollars to the government. She argued that Deleon Guerrero failed in his fiduciary duties by not taking appropriate action to address the debt.

Flores pointed out that the courts have no pending cases regarding the revocation of IPI’s licence, implying that the CCC had the opportunity to act but chose not to.

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In a recent budget hearing conducted by the House Ways and Means Committee, Deleon Guerrero noted that the CCC had taken legal action against IPI for failing to pay the US$3.15m annual regulatory fee owed since 2020.

CCC’s executive director, Andrew Yeom has recommended revoking IPI’s exclusive casino licence. However, the process has been delayed due to IPI’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in federal court.

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