CCC seeks US$3.15m budget approval

CCC seeks US$3.15m budget approval

The Commonwealth Casino Commission said the budget has to be paid by Imperial Pacific International.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) has requested the House Standing Committee on Ways and Means approve a budget of US$3.15m to be paid by casino operator Imperial Pacific International (IPI). The budget proposal was presented by CCC board chair Edward DeLeon Guerrero on Tuesday (June 18).

Under Public Law 19-24, the casino operator, not taxpayers, must fund the regulator’s budget, with legislative approval required each year. The amount requested corresponds to that outlined in the law.

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During a hearing, representative Marissa Flores (D-Saipan) questioned the allocation of over US$3m to the CCC while other agencies face budget constraints. DeLeon Guerrero stressed that the funds are provided by IPI, not from the government’s general fund.

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