China and Myanmar arrest 269 cyber scam suspects

China, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos have signed a collaboration.
China, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos have signed a collaboration.

The operartions were based in Myanmar.

China.- Law enforcement authorities have detained 269 people suspected of involvement in cyber scams originating in northern Myanmar. According to China’s Ministry of Public Security, the operation led to the dismantling of 11 cyber scam bases in the region. According to reports, 186 of those arrested are Chinese nationals, who have been repatriated.

Scams have been targeting Chinese nationals with promises of investment opportunities, romantic relationships or job offers. Victims are often detained and coerced into working as phone operators, computer programmers and in various roles facilitating more online scams.

Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China have agreed to cooperate against gambling fraud and related crime, including human trafficking, kidnapping and unlawful detention. Last year, Chinese authorities signed cooperation agreements in the region intended to combat online and cross-border gambling.

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