China, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos launch collaboration against gambling crimes

 Chinese embassies have issued alerts.
Chinese embassies have issued alerts.

The four nations will establish a cooperation centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

China.- Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China have agreed to cooperate against gambling fraud and related crime, including human trafficking, kidnapping and unlawful detention. A cooperation centre will be based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The initiative, disclosed through state-owned Chinese media and organised by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, has led Chinese embassies to issue alerts to its citizens, urging vigilance against gambling crimes and telecom fraud in Southeast Asia.

At a meeting in Chiang Mai, prospects of involving Cambodia and Vietnam were reportedly explored, and considerations for partnerships with international entities like Interpol and the United Nations were discussed, as reported by Thailand’s National News Bureau.

Last year, Chinese authorities signed cooperation agreements with countries in the region to combat online and cross-border gambling.

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