China: 74 arrested in Chengdu for cross-border online gambling

Chinese authorities continue tackling cross-border gambling.
Chinese authorities continue tackling cross-border gambling.

Some 74 suspects have been arrested for alleged cross border gambling operations in southwest China’s Chengdu City.

China.- Police are reported to have busted a cross-border online gambling operation in Chengdu City.

According to local media reports, 74 people were arrested. Eleven are suspected of running more than 20 foreign gambling apps that took payments via apps such as WeChat and QQ.

In May, the Ministry of Public Security announced that police had investigated more than 18,000 cross-border gambling cases and arrested 110,000 people since 2020.

According to Zhao Kezhi, the minister of public security, police also detected 2,800 illegal payment platforms, more than 3,400 gambling platforms and over 2,200 gambling promotion platforms.

Police also raided underground banks and 1,400 illegal technical teams connected to cross-border gambling.

China announces new measures to fight cross-border gambling

In June, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced four new measures.

According to Global Times, the CAC’s proposal includes:

  • Enhancing precision strikes on overseas gambling groups.
  • Strengthening supervision of blockchain services and related platforms.
  • Consolidating the responsibility of online platforms.
  • Forming effective structure within responsible authorities.

Authorities will punish online platforms that provide paid promotion services for overseas gambling. The CAC will also monitor blockchain services, including cloud storage and virtual private network services (VPN) to have more extensive control. 

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