China: 18,000 cases of cross-border gambling detected

China continues to tackle cross-border gambling.
China continues to tackle cross-border gambling.

Chinese police have arrested more than 110,000 people in relation to cross-border gambling in the last year.

China.- The Chinese Government continues its fight against cross-border gambling. The Ministry of Public Security has announced that police have investigated more than 18,000 cross-border gambling cases and arrested 110,000 people since 2020.

According to Zhao Kezhi, the minister of public security, police also detected 2,800 illegal payment platforms, more than 3,400 gambling platforms and over 2,200 gambling promotion platforms.

Police also raided underground banks and 1,400 illegal technical teams connected to cross-border gambling.

Zhao Kezhi praised those who reported cross-border gambling cases via the government’s online platform for whistleblowing.

week-long awareness campaign was recently conducted across China warning about cross-border gambling and saying that it could affect people’s finances and safety.

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