Betting on a winning strategy: unlocking MegaPari’s operational goals in 2023

Betting on a winning strategy: unlocking MegaPari’s operational goals in 2023

MegaPari’s team talked to Focus Gaming News about the company’s priorities, challenges and goals. 

Exclusive interview.- MegaPari‘s team granted an exclusive interview to Focus Gaming News to assess the year.

MegaPari in 2019 and now — how have the priorities, processes, and employee count changed?

Over the course of 4 years, we’ve adeptly shifted our focus from TIER-1 to promising TIER 2/TIER 3 regions. We’ve assembled local teams for each geographical area, transitioned to modern tools to optimize business processes, and currently, we’re actively leveraging AI for both micro and macro tasks.

Tell us about the scale of MegaPari. How many directions exist within the company?

Over the past few years of existence in the market (more than 4 years), MegaPari has grown from a small but highly motivated and successful team into a major holding with clear directions, responsibilities, and tasks. During this time, the team has expanded to several hundred people and comprises more than 10 separate directions.

Has any department encountered a “staff shortage”? Who is the most challenging to recruit into the team and why?

We have never faced a staff shortage as the HR team is consistently engaged in planning and actively recruiting personnel.

Positions that are challenging to fill include:

  • AI specialists – due to their uniqueness and high demand in the current development of AI in iGaming companies.
  • Payment integrators – they are scarce in the market, possess specific technical hard skills, and require special attention in their recruitment.
  • Affiliate managers who bring quality traffic – despite having over 100 in-house managers, we continue to seek specialists in TIER 2/TIER 3 regions: South Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. 

Key skills for successful affiliate managers include:

  • Having an established and current partner base.
  • Ability to source partners through cold outreach (forums, social networks, conferences, etc.).
  • Understanding our target markets’ mentality.
  • Active and regular communication with partners.

In your opinion, what specialists are currently in high demand in the iGaming industry? Who is lacking in the market?

The industry currently needs affiliate managers capable of driving traffic on a RevShare model, seasoned retention specialists, as well as experienced professionals in roles such as COO and CMO.

Did MegaPari achieve all the goals set at the beginning of the year?

In 2023, it was crucial for us to build upon the business model of 2021-2022 and continue strengthening our foundation, which has yielded promising results. Each department had well-defined priorities under the guidance of competent and experienced team leads. Our team’s professionalism and thorough analysis of industry trends, especially in specific markets, have greatly contributed to MegaPari’s overall performance throughout the year. For instance, the number of affiliate partners has doubled, and certain markets have witnessed a 100% growth in the active player base.

In 2023, it was crucial for us to build upon the business model of 2021-2022 and continue strengthening our foundation, which has yielded promising results.

How would you assess this year?

Naturally, we’re thrilled to witness the rapid growth of our team and business. It’s a clear indication that we’re headed in the right direction and effectively managing our resources.

In 2023, we successfully completed a significant pool of tasks, particularly in the most crucial directions:

  • Product: We focused on improving product localization for open markets, benefiting both players and partners. To support this, we provided our partners with a convenient and high-quality Android application, eliminating the need to work exclusively from a laptop.
  • Payment Department: Localization is impossible without adding local payment methods and ensuring their accessibility. We achieved a 60% rate in specific countries.
  • Customer and Partner Services: Throughout 2023, the support department expanded threefold. Simultaneously, the VIP client support department grew. We managed to find talented managers dedicated to providing quality support 24/7 in over 10 languages. Similar VIP treatment is extended to our partners through affiliate support. Affiliate support managers are multilingual, highly experienced in affiliate marketing, and ready to assist with any queries at any time.

What are the key tasks for 2024?

We’re progressing towards optimizing payment solutions in our top target markets and enhancing customer retention strategies tailored to suit local markets preferences. 

The series will continue with two additional interviews, exploring marketing and MegaPari’s 2024 prospects. For partnership inquiries or opportunities, you can contact [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.

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