Asian Poker Tour 2020 event schedule

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Gambling Poker Cards Good Luck Ace Money

The Asian Poker Tour announced its schedule of tournaments for 2020, with 12 tour events currently planned, including stopovers in the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan.

The season will kick off with APT Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City from 8 to 19 January – one of three visits to Vietnam during the year – while the APT will hold its first-ever back-to-back events in Korea with stops in Seoul and Incheon between 25 July and 11 August. There is also an event planned for the brand-new Poker King Club at Paradise Casino Busan, which only opened its doors last Friday.

The locations of three scheduled events have yet to be confirmed, with the likes of Japan and Macau among the possible additions having each hosted events over the past two years.

“This 2019 we have laid out the foundation to make 2020 a fun and exciting year,” said APT Tournament Director Lloyd Fontillas. Moreover, “players can expect larger guarantees, new events, new destinations and more players attending each and every event.”

2020 APT Schedule:

8-19 January: APT Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh
12-23 February: TBA
3-14 March: APT Taiwan
7-18 April: 
APT Vietnam – Da Nang
27 April to 10 May: APT Philippines
3-14 June: APT Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh
1-12 July: TBA
25 July to 11 August: APT Korea – Seoul and Incheon
10-21 September: APT Philippines
7-18 October: APT Taiwan
4-11 November: APT Korea – Busan
2-13 December: APT Finale (TBA)

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