ASA rules against William Hill

The ASA has ordered William Hill not to air an ad.
The ASA has ordered William Hill not to air an ad.

The ASA has warned William Hill not to repeat an ad shown in 2017 after deeming it to be misleading.

UK.- Gambling advertising has been a top concern for the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over the past few months. That’s why the agency has been assessing several cases against gaming companies and has now ruled against William Hill.

The ASA has ordered the company not to air an ad shown on UK TV on September 15, 2017, which described a promotion with the sports betting firm on horse racing bets. The ad triggered a complaint which claimed it wasn’t made clear that the promotion only applied to races with six runners or more.

The ASA stated: “We understood there would be instances where a consumer might decide to place a bet on a race and not know until the start of the race that their bet would no longer be eligible for the bonus as the race no longer had the requisite number of runners.

“We considered that this was a significant qualification that should have been prominently included in the main body of the ad and that it was not sufficiently clear for it to be presented in the small text at the bottom of the screen.”

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