Armenia aims at gambling ads

The Ombudsman of Armenia is pushing a bill to regulate gambling advertisements and apply certain restrictions to them.

Armenia.- Gambling advertisement has been addressed by several countries, such as the UK and Australia, and Armenia is the latest to do so too. The Ombudsman of Armenia has developed and is pushing a bill to apply restrictions (such as targeting minors) and regulations to gambling advertisements.

The bill has been developed to end the suggestion (allegedly created by ads) that gambling could turn into a steady income or a job substitute. That’s why it aims to ban commercials which may suggest that winning is guaranteed or that betting can turn into a way to improve a person’s social, professional or private life.

Australia has recently passed a bill designed to give further power to the national media watchdog and joined other countries such as Spain and the United Kingdom in targeting and/or regulating gambling advertisements.

The Ombudsman’s Office explained that current legislation doesn’t include specific regulations, which is why it expects the bill to reach Congress and finally turn into a Law.

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