American casino industry supports sports betting

sports betting

Credits: NewsWorks.

The American Gaming Association has backed New Jersey’s demand to legalise sports betting.

US.- Casino industry in New Jersey has shown interest in legalising sports betting sector by backing the government’s demand presented to the Supreme Court. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has begun a legal battle to amend the PASPA, a sports protection Act that was passed in 1992, preventing states from offering gambling lines on sports.

The American Gaming Association has reportedly filed a brief yesterday to support Christie’s sports betting project. The casino association argues that sports betting ban has only led to an illegal market, whilst preventing states to benefit from the industry.

“Regulation of sports betting needs to be accomplished in a sensible manner that promotes, rather than thwarts, the strictures and principles of federalism,” argues the statement, as quoted by the Washington Examiner. “States like New Jersey are compelled, at the federal government’s direction, to keep their antiquated sports-betting laws and regulations effectively frozen in place at a federal standard. That result is irreconcilable with the constitutional system of dual sovereignty and dangerous in its own right.”

Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana were granted special exemptions, as all four of those states were offering some variation of sports lotteries back in 1992. New Jersey officials said that the US Supreme Court should lift the ban on sports betting in all but four states because it forces them to embrace a regulation that Congress wants.