Amax would expand to Cambodia

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Credits: Fortune.

Amax International Holdings would install a VIP gaming salon in Cambodia.

Cambodia.- Amax International Holdings has presented a project to develop a new business in Cambodia. The Macau casino operator would extend its business in the Cambodian market with a new VIP gaming salon, if authorities grant the company the required permission.

Amax International revealed yesterday they have entered into a Letter of Intent in order to be able to install the VIP room under Cambodian law. Amax is an international investor that has established several businesses in Macau.

The company currently holds almost 25 percent equity interests in Greek Mythology, the casino that’s located next to the hotel that was shut down by the Macao Government Tourism Office on July due to serious administrative irregularities, including a threat to public safety. The company said back in August that they still had to obtain 2015 and 2016 management accounts from Greek Mythology and that it had been advised by its Macau lawyer to take further action against the casino and its management.