Alfastreet to launch new software package

Alfastreet releases its new software - Kawaii.
Alfastreet releases its new software - Kawaii.

Alfastreet has announced the launch of Kawaii, its latest software package to improve all of its products’ performance.

News from our partners.- After almost 2 years of development, once just a bright idea, today became a final product that is truly making us feel excited. The software package with the poetic name Kawaii is an ultimate solution for all of the products produced by Alfastreet. Many years we were juggling between different versions of software across our product line and across different gaming jurisdictions. This created unnecessary congestions in our development and also produced unwanted confusion or oversight at certain levels.

Kawaii is a software that will take over all of our cabinets, all of our games, all of our gaming accessories and everything else that’s left. Kawaii will cover tournament games, offer multiple jackpot options, remote play to a distant location, reporting and advanced analytics, advanced and intuitive user interface and more.

We have been running this software on a few test location in different parts of the world and although the Covid-19 delayed our efforts, we are now up an ready to officially set this major product free.

Casinos and other gaming venues are slowly opening up, with business rising up steadily. At Alfastreet, we will use this opportunity to introduce not just the one and only software package, but also our brand new Verso single terminal cabinet. Verso will be a perfect combination to go together with Kawaii and create something truly exciting.  This cabinet brings a natural evolution from our superstar Wiky terminal and equally boasts 32′ display with numerous unique and now improved solutions for the player and for the operator alike.

Being ”awarded” the extra time in the past months, we have been tweaking and detailing this combination and we’re super excited about the design, outlook and feel of the game itself and we are yet to reveal the true capacity of the Kawaii to our customers. Just one of the options that we offer is a connectivity to as many as 125 live gaming cables inside or outside the casino. A player can actually be connected to all of these tables, observe the game progress, study and make a decision to place bets to 8 tables simultaneously.

This feature will provide so far unseen benefit to major casinos that can offer such live tables capacity. We are already preparing the deployment of Kawaii in one of the world’s most reputable casinos, where we will connect our terminals to 120 live table games. This setup will be a world’s first and definite proof of the Kawaii’s and more importantly, Alfastreet’s capabilities even when the times are challenging as they are today.

Earlier this year,  Focus Gaming News talked to Alfastreet’s CEO Tjasa Luin Peric and sales director Albert Radman about the future of the gaming industry as well as the next steps of the company.

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