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Alfastreet shaking the exhibition hall with race cars at ICE 2018

alfastreet ice 2018
Alfastreet's booth was one of the most crowded at ICE this year.

The Slovenian manufacturer showcased its portfolio at ICE London this year with extraordinary results.

Slovenia.- The 2018 edition of the ICE show in London marked the official start of the year as far as the latest gaming equipment is concerned, with every producer showing off the latest and most advanced gaming equipment currently available in the industry. Alfastreet once again delivered a stand full of state-of-the-art equipment, confirming its leading position not only as far as reliability goes, but also as a future trend setter.

As expected, the biggest crowd on the show was gathered around the brand-new Car Race track, proving once again the versatility of the Royal Derby platform. The rally racing themed gaming machine is third in line after the already renowned and established horse-racing machines and last year’s boat-racing. The attractive racetrack was complemented by the Felix T single terminal that replaces the former SL single terminal, deservedly retired after a long and extremely successful stint on gaming floors worldwide. The futuristic design incorporates the 27” monitors in a beautiful shape, packed with next generation hardware. The terminal supports all of the technical solutions from the company, appreciated by players: Multigame and the Simultaneous Play options, paired with connectivity to virtually any automated and/or live game source.

Felix T serves also as a base for various fixed machine setups, such as Felix 7, shown at the booth. This machine offers all of the advantages of an Alfastreet machine and adds impressive floor presence and countless lighting options to make any casino space attractive beyond expectations. As customary with the company, all of the machines can be customized to fit any client wishes and requirements.

The attendees had the opportunity to test the company’s Multigame and Simultaneous Play features on different playing terminals, ranging from the fixed cabinets, such as the above-mentioned Felix 7 and Lucky 8 electronic roulettes, to single terminal setups, combining the versatile WIKY single terminal with automated and live sources. The stand layout proved once again the capability of the company not only as producer of top-end gaming machines, but also as a provider of comprehensive solutions for a modern gaming venue.

Alfastreet Multi-touch automated electronic Roulette table with eight play stations and the possibility to combine it with an automated or a live wheel is the hottest product of the moment. The distinct advantage over any competitor solutions is the compact dimensions, considering that there are eight play stations available and a clear division between them, making it as close to a live table as possible.

The concept of an after-show party at the stand has become a pleasant tradition for all Alfastreet’s friends and partners, who love to join the company after a full day on the show for some genuine “home cooked meals” and a selection of fine Slovenian drinks and snacks. The golden/black colour combination provided a prestigious ambiance where everybody felt great. Alfastreet is satisfied with the outcome of the show and would like to thank everybody involved, friends, partners, customers and attendees, that made this another unforgettable edition of the London show.


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