Aichi supports Tokoname’s bid

The intentions of Tokoname’s city to bid for an IR license will be supported by Aichi Governor, who’ll establish a research group to do so.

Japan.- Governor Hideaki Omura announced on Tuesday his intentions to support Tokoname city’s bid for an integrated resort (IR) license. He advanced that he’ll establish an experts’ research group in order to aid the city, with the first meeting being held this Thursday.

Governor Omura had already received an appeal from the Tokoname City Council on July 7, to which he responded with the creation of the research group.

“We aim to become an international tourism capital that can attract international conferences and other events,” he said as AGB reported and added: “If we have an IR, our competitiveness would be enhanced. I want to find out if this is something which can be realised.”

Tokoname City is scheduled to open an international exhibitiion hall in September 2019 and already has the Chubu Centrair International Airport, which added to the plans to build hotels and other facilities, will probably help their case for a license. Furthermore, since there are no residential areas in the airport area, the anti-casinos protests won’t be as loud as in other possible locations, or so officials hope.

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