AC strike continues in DC

AC strike continues in DC

Unite Here Local 54 members have arrived to Washington D.C. to extend the protest.

US.- Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort workers, who are currently striking in Atlantic City for a long dispute after the company has declared its bankruptcy, went to Washington D.C. to claim to the Senate to attend a bill, Brokaw Act, that would increase oversight of activist hedge funds that promote short-term gains rather than long-term goals.

The Unite Here Local 54 members have extended their request to the White House to resolve the workers situation. This month, the casino has closed its doors due to the extreme dispute with the striking employees.

Carl Icahn, owner of Taj Mahal Casino, announced the company’s decision early in August and blamed striking Local 54 workers for preventing a “path to profitability.” “Carl Icahn came to Atlantic City … turned our middle-class jobs into poverty jobs and then when we stood up to him, Icahn decided to close our workplace and kick 3,000 people to the curb,” said Charles Baker, a Taj Mahal cook since the day it opened in 1990. “I’m here because I want Congress to pass the Brokaw Act, to stop this from happening to other families.”

The Brokaw Act was introduced by Democratic Senators Tammy Baldwin, of Wisconsin and Jeff Merkley, of Oregon. The bill was presented to prevent the damages of closing companies in their employees. The Act was named after a small town in Wisconsin which went bankrupt after its primary employer succumbed to pressure from an activist hedge fund and closed most of its paper mills.