650 Paddy Power Betfair employees on the verge of dismissal

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The merger that took place at beginning of the year could lead to the cut off of one tenth of the company’s workforce.

UK.- Last February two British powers, Betfair and Paddy Power, decided to join forces to be one of the biggest leaders in the gaming industry. Even though the merger could have resulted in great increment in the company’s profits and services, rumour hast it that 9 percent of the 7,200 employees could lose their jobs.

As the UK houses most of the workforce (2,875 job positions), 12 percent of its staff (350 employees) may have to leave the merged company soon. Another 300 people could be fired from the Irish headquarters. According to local media, staff has been warned about the upcoming measures when suspicions spread as many employees were left to do the same job as other members of the staff.

Before the merger, Paddy Power counted on 5,000 workers and Betfair, around 1,900. Nevertheless, it is believed that the majority of the dismissals would be from Betfair staff, as Paddy Power employees of retail division would be unlikely cut because their jobs cannot be duplicated. Furthermore, Betfair does not run a retail division. A previous notification was issued in November to Betfair shareholders which communicated the seeming dismissals that would account for half of the £50 million (US$71 million) savings as a result of the merger.