Security measures revealed by the UKGC

The new regulations cover money laundering, criminal investigation, and social responsibility.

The regulatory body finally revealed its proposed security measures after a few months of considerations and consultations.

UK.- The UK Gambling Commission at last revealed its proposed security measures. By the end of 2016, UK-serving gambling operators will be legally required to implement them.

Under the new measures one of the three core changes revealed was that every operator has to perform a risk assessment of money laundering. In addition, operators must outline policies, procedures, and measures to combat the threat of this criminal activity.

Another major amendment is that operators are legally compelled to report their involvement in any criminal investigations. In terms of scope, this will include any probes involving them or their premises.

After irregular betting patterns have blighted tennis in recent years, the UKGC will soon require operators to implement terms and conditions that stop employees from taking advantage of any such patterns protecting this way the integrity and good image of all sports.

The UKGC is also determining whether or not to demand that operators announce any crimes not covered by the forthcoming adjustments in regulation. The regulator cited police call-outs as an example, with the rationale being that this information would support social responsibility efforts.

With this new set of measures, UK has become one of the most challenging market places for operators. For the smaller operators, the added cost of adhering to the new security changes might them out of the UK.