Savannah discusses a new casino

The Georgia city is currently in talks to advocate for business in the area.

US.- The Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce reunited this week to discuss the possibility of bringing the casino industry to the city. The politicians talked about it at the annual Eggs and Issues Legislative Breakfast.

Business men from Savannah said that they’re extremely pleased with what they’ve accomplished in the past few months and they’re optimistic of what could come for the state in the near future. They said that one of the principal discussions was the future possibility of casinos in Georgia.

It is not the first time that Georgia tries to legalise the casino industry: the state tried to regulate the industry earlier this year, but the law failed to pass the legislative session. Lester Jackson III, Senator from Chatham County, said: “Now, the big ones would want to go to the Greater Atlanta area because of more traffic, but Savannah and cities like Savannah, are prime spots for what I call the second tier casinos.”

According to WTOC, officials in the area want to make sure that the laws passed in the state will make Savannah a stronger and more competitive city.