Problem gambling bill delayed in Japan

Credits: VoulezVousDiner.
Credits: VoulezVousDiner.

The problem gambling bill for the upcoming legal casino market in Japan may be approved next session.

Japan.- As the current legislative session in Japan is finishing next June 18, the proposed problem gaming bill would not be approved until next session. Legislators have not moved forward yet with the project that would establish legal conditions to prevent and control gaming addictions in regards to casino legalisation. Although the bill could still be approved on time, the opposition could delay the process.

“If the [anti-addiction] bill can be passed by the end of this Diet session (June 18, 2017), it will show the government’s urgency in opening the IRs [integrated resorts],” commented the leading global financial services firm Morgan Stanley to GGRAsia news outlet whilst analysing the legislative debate.

The problem gaming legislation would be based on proposals by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which currently manages the Japanese government. Party’s legislators have been drafting the regulation since the beginning of the year and still have intentions to achieve a complete approval in the following weeks, as GGRAsia reported.

The Japanese gaming addiction law would require national programs to prevent and treat the problem among residents. The current draft is not comprehensive enough to include equally all gaming sectors, so it is expected that further amendments would be debate as the new casino industry would began to be developed in the country.

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