Online gambling considered a secure business in Europe

European public companies play it safe and occasionally risk their businesses in innovative projects.

Europe.- The new century has brought a great amount of technology that cannot be totally exploded yet. Global companies are betting on all kind of projects to develop unique businesses, using trial and error systems. However, public organisations in Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK are focused on competitive strategies, as they cannot afford a failed business and they’d rather to invest on a secure market, which currently seems to be the online gambling industry.

The data was revealed by the third biggest multinational company of Information Technology, the Japanese Fujitsu. According to the independent study, the lack of clear digital strategies led to 58 percent of public companies to successfully invest only in online gambling projects. 20 percent of the organisations admitted to have poor views on digital priorities, which could be one of the specific reasons why the 30 percent do not have the skills to find a better and secure project to work on.

“The results paint a picture of a sector keen to take advantage of the benefits of digitalisation but going about it in an inconsistent way. This is of huge concern. Without a clear and agreed plan, the simple fact is that digital projects run the risk of failure. Something the public sector simply cannot afford,” explained Steven Cox, vice president and head of Public Sector for UK & Ireland at Fujitsu.

Cox added that the digital transition the world is going through requires “communication and compromise.” Companies should implement structured plans to develop unique digital projects reaching high economic recognition. “What this study tells us is that this strategic approach is not always being taken within the public sector,” concluded the vice president of the Public Sector.