Oklahoma Lottery bill heads to Senate

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The bill would help with an extra US$100 million over a 5 year period.

A bill that would allow the Oklahoma Lottery to increase the prizes in order to generate more revenue and funds is headed to the Senate.

US.- The Oklahoma Lottery is currently seeking the permission to increase prizes that would boost the revenues and would help with the school funds by generating more money. The bill that is headed to the Senate would help with an extra US$100 million over a 5 year period.

House Bill 1837 made it through the House and the Senate Appropriations Committee by 24-9 and is now headed for the full Senate floor. As the current regulations force the lottery to give away 35 percent of the profits to education, officials from the Oklahoma Lottery claimed that the number is not helping them and that the gambling modality is on decline. By eliminating that percentage they’re hopeful that it would help both the lottery and the education program. “We have the lowest payouts in the country. It impacts sales. We can’t grow sales,” said Jay Finks, director of marketing and administration of the Oklahoma Lottery.

Whilst the lottery has contributed with US$783 million to education, the official estimates that in the next five years they would only destinate US$225 million if they don’t change the requirements, as reported by Lottery Post. If they get the change they’re seeking, an extra US$110 million would be added to that number.

People against the measure based their opinion on the fact that they think that gambling is not good for society. “There is plenty of evidence of the harm it causes our society. It preys heavily on the less fortunate. They have the most to lose,” said Senator Marty Quinn, R-Claremore.