New York lawmakers push for mobile sports betting

New York lawmakers push for mobile sports betting

Mobile sports betting may need a Constitutional change in New York and it's uncertain whether it'll pass.

As the current session is one month away from ending, lawmakers are considering how to get mobile sports betting approved in New York.

US.- Sports betting has proven to be a major source of revenue for states that legalised the segment. That’s why New York lawmakers want to cover as much ground as possible with their own legislation.

At a recent hearing, state lawmakers said they’re eager to capture mobile sports betting revenue. Should it fail to regulate the segment, such money would continue to leak into New Jersey and illegal wagers.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, mobile sports betting would need a change to the state’s Constitution. That’s why, even if lawmakers manage to pass the bill, it could even get vetoed by the state’s top official.

“We can sit and watch it go by or we can do something about it,” said Sen. Joseph Addabbo. The chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering wants to, at least, give the bill a chance.

Moreover, expert attorney Daniel Wallach testified that a constitutional amendment is not needed. “It’s up to state lawmakers,” he said.

“We have constitutional concerns on this issue that we have raised for nearly a year,” said spokesman Jason Conwall. “Our position remains the same.”

The segment was already approved

The New York Gaming Commission (NYGC) voted to approve sports betting regulations and launched a public comment period. The 60-day period will run through May and, should the commission meet this month, the segment may go live.

The NYGC can adopt, withdraw or revise rules. Therefore, if it meets in June, it could select a date for sports betting in New York to begin that month.

Sports wagering would be allowed at the four privately-owned non-Indian-owned casinos. The commission only allowed sports betting at casinos, for which they must set up special lounges.

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