New York introduces sports betting bill

The state has introduced another sports betting-related bill that will study the online market.

US.- Assemblyman Clyde Vanel introduced a bill on Tuesday that will create a task force to study online sports betting. Last month, another bill was introduced to determine the rules and regulations for wagering on sports in the Big Apple.

The bill introduced by Assemblyman Vanel establishes a 10-member legislative task force to study policies and determine which practices would be best to apply to online sports betting. If the bill gets the necessary approvals, the task force would need to report its studies and make recommendations before December 31st, 2019 to the governor, the speaker of the assembly and the temporary president of the Senate.

A10322 details that the task force would identify policies and programs that mitigate the risks and consequences associated with online sports betting and promote responsible gaming practices for all online sports betting activities authorised in New York state. It would also recommend a structure by which all online sports betting regulations promulgated by the commission or its divisions shall be enforced, including but not limited to penalties for violations of regulatory standards and corrective action.

“A legislative task force on online sports betting is hereby established to: Identify methods to measure the effectiveness of any online sports betting procedures implemented in New York state,” says the bill.

The other bill presented last month by John Bonacic, chairman of the Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering, would subject casino sports betting to an 8.5 per cent tax on gross revenue, and operators would also have to pay a fee to sports leagues in order to fight game-fixing. He believes that his proposal could bring between US$10 million and US$30 million for the state every year, while most of the money could be directed towards education. The current law establishes that the state’s four casinos would be able to offer sports betting if the ban is overruled, as New York included that measure when it amended its Constitution to allow casino gambling.

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