Minnesota discusses sports betting

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Local entrepeneurs discussed the segment's potential during business start.up week. (Credits: dailynorseman.com)

During business start-up week, the city talked about investing in the gambling segment, should sports betting get legalised in the state.

US.- Sports betting continues to be a main discussion topic across the US and Minnesota entrepreneurs discussed its potential during business start-up week. The segment is far from being legalised in Minneapolis but local businesspeople are already discussing what it would be like to operate in the city,

“For consumers, what sports betting is going to look like is one of two ways: one, we may see sports books pop up at Mystic Lake or Treasure Island or one other brick and mortar casino with sports books. But much more so than that, we will be able to place bets on our phones, in the middle of games, and be able to play directly from our phones and our computers in a fashion that doesn’t physically require us to be somewhere,” sports fantasy expert and founder of fanball.com Paul Charchian said.

According to Mr Charchian, the segment is already huge overseas and highlighted in-game gambling’s popularity: “In the middle of a football game you can still bet on the outcome of the game or who will score next; you can do that on baseball or any sport here as well. You don’t have to do it from your phone, but you are going to want to do it from your phone and that’s the best place for these things whether you are in the stadium or you are at home you can wager on the outcome of the game while it is happening,” he said.

Teague Orgeman, CEO and co-founder of Starting 11, also talked about the segment and said: “I think that is something that’s coming to the United States – maybe not at the level that it is in Europe. But, I think we’re going to see some companies like ours offer products that appeal to fans who want that interactive experience with the sports that they are watching versus the passive experience of just watching the players and having nothing to do during the game.”

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