Maine governor delays sports betting

Governor Janet Mills has several pieces of legislation on hold, including one that would get Maine to launch the sports betting segment.

US.- Even as both chambers of the Maine legislature passed a sports betting bill, the segment may not launch soon. The Tuesday deadline came and passed, and Governor Janet Mills didn’t sign the proposal, as she did with many others.

“Governor Mills didn’t affirmatively veto the bill, which means there is still hope,” Steve Silver, adjunct professor of gaming law at the University of Maine School of Law, told media outlet Sports Handle. “However, unless the legislature calls a special session lasting longer than three days and the Governor doesn’t affirmatively veto it, then sports betting will have to wait. This is baffling for Maine consumers and the sports betting industry.”

The proposal

Members of the Senate voted 19-15 in favour of the bill, which would allow individuals over 21 to place bets on both professional and collegiate sports across the state. LD 553 would also allow bets to be placed at physical locations like casinos and through mobile phones and online.

Once it finally gets signed, the Maine sports betting bill would also establish that back and mortar facilities would be required of a 10% tax rate. Moreover, mobile-only platform operators would pay a 16% tax on their revenues.

One of the things that have been discussed when treating the bill is the possibility of operators that wish to gain an online license to have some kind of association with a physical gambling facility. However, a majority of committee members opted for an untethered licence, as they believe is easier and offers a “free” approach.

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