Lithuanian regulator fines UAB Baltic for terms and conditions update

The Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority classed the newsletter as promotion.

The Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority has penalised the operator for sending out a newsletter about the update.

Lithuania.- The Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority has fined an operator for what might seem an unlikely offence – sending out an update on its terms and conditions.

In August, UAB Nordic’s Optibet brand sent 10,600 customers an email newsletter entitled “Update of Rules: New Games”. However, the regulator formed the opinion that the mail out constituted gambling promotion, which is banned in Lithuania.

The newsletter read: “We would like to inform you about changes to our terms and conditions: rules for new games have been added.”

It provided a link to Optibet’s rules for remote gaming. However, the Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority brought up article 10, section 19 of last year’s Gambling Act, which prohibits any kind of gambling promotion whatsoever.

UAB Baltic Bet, part of Enlabs, was already rapped for violating the ban last October when it received a warning for running a remote promotion for Optibet’s blackjack product. UAB Baltic may appeal against the new penalty.

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