Konami presents new products in Peru

Konami Gaming technology improves casino offerings in Peru.
Konami Gaming technology improves casino offerings in Peru.

Konami and Pacific Gaming have installed the Concerto Slant cabinet in the Peruvian market.

Peru.- Konami’s Concerto Slant cabinet is showing a strong debut presence in Peru through the efforts of the company’s exclusive distributor in the region, Pacific Gaming. Concerto Slant is the latest video slot to arrive to Peruvian markets from Konami’s expanding Concerto Collection, announced last fall during G2E. Consistent with the original Concerto upright machine, Concerto Slant includes dual 27” HD game screens but features a lower profile and relaxed angle posture.

“There is a considerable segment of core gaming players who look for the slant formats because it allows them to sit back and enjoy their favorite games with extra comfort and relaxation,” said Eduardo Aching, vice president, international sales at Konami. “With our latest Concerto Slant machines, this key delivery is achieved and enhanced through immersive game displays, increased processing speed, captivating new titles, and modern hardware aesthetics.”

“However, the most important thing we hear from our customers about Concerto Slant is how it is supported by Konami’s longstanding reputation in quality and long-term reliability,” said Aching. “Certainly most new game cabinets provide an inherent lift in performance, but what Konami provides beyond that in long-term profitability, player popularity, support, and durability is the true value behind what Concerto Slant can offer.”

Konami’s new Concerto Slant supports any game content found on Concerto upright and is also backward compatible with proven KP3® platform titles such as Dragon’s Law™, Solstice Celebration™, Lotus Land™, and many more. It can also be combined with SeleXion™ multi-game to feature up to 10 unique game themes with the option for a standalone progressive bonus.

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