Ireland aims to proceed with Gambling Control Bill

The new Government intends to pass Alan Shatter’s Gambling Control Bill, first introduced in 2013.

Ireland.- Ireland’s new Government plans to move on with Alan Shatter’s Gambling Control Bill, first introduced in 2013.

The legislation would repeal and replace existing rules covering betting and gaming, which are seen by many as archaic. As per the bill, a new agency would be introduced that would act both as the licensing authority and regulator for the sector.

“It is the intention to proceed with the Gambling Control Bill legislation at the earliest feasible opportunity – and, in that light, it is expected that this will be given renewed consideration in the preparation of the next legislation programme,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Justice. “At the same time, and pending the bringing forward of the main Bill, the Department are to examine whether there are any individual pressing areas of concern, intended to be dealt with in the Bill, which could be dealt with sooner by separate legislative measures.”

The new legislation is set to rule out the prospect of super- casinos being established, limiting the number of tables in casinos to a maximum of 15 and gaming machines to 25. Fixed-odds betting terminals would be banned and a new social gambling fund, financed by a levy paid by gambling licence holders, would be introduced to assist the treatment of gambling addicts.