Illinois city pushes to ban gaming machines

illinois gambling machines

The Streator City Council is pushing a ban on non-licenced video gambling machines in the area.

US.- Gaming machines can easily spread where regulations are not strict enough as bars and stores see them as a way to attract customers. However, the Streator City Council (Illinois) is looking to set a ban on unlicensed video gambling machines in the area and will draft an ordinance to enforce the prohibition.

According to City Manager Scot Wrighton, the upcoming ordinance won’t be debated by the City Council until January, when the first meeting – at the earliest – takes place. Local Police Chief Kurt Pastirik said he believes at least three taverns in the city have unregulated machines, which would be removed once lawmakers approve the ordinance.

“Right now, the majority of the liquor licence owners are playing by the rules the state has set up,” said Mayor Jimmie Lansford, who is also the city’s liquor commissioner. “If they’re going to be inundated with other locations of these sweepstakes machines then at what point and time do they say ‘Why should I have the video gaming machines where I have to pay the fees and they are regulated?’”

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