GambleAware commissions annual support survey

This year's survey will question more people and use three methodologies.
This year's survey will question more people and use three methodologies.

The UK charity’s survey seeks to identify barriers to support and treatment for gambling-related harm.

UK.- The responsible gambling charity GambleAware has commissioned its second annual survey on the barriers to demand and take up of treatment for gambling-related harm in Britain.

The Annual Treatment and Support Demand Survey will be conducted by YouGov with questions on gambling behaviour and harm as well as the barriers and facilitators when it comes to accessing treatment and support.

The size of the survey has been increased to 18,000 respondents in place of last year’s 12,000 to permit clearer comparisons between different areas and to include more ethnic minorities.

The survey will also aim to identify any differences between different demographic groups based on age, gender, ethnicity and geography, 

In tandem, GambleAware has also hired Yonda to conduct a quota survey and NatCen and Kantar to carry out a random probability survey with the same questions in order to see how methodologies provide different estimates.

The survey was launched during Safer Gambling Week in the UK and Ireland.

Results from all three surveys will be expected in spring. 

GambleAware recently announced an initiative to train debt advisors in Scotland on gaming-related harm.

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