FTN 2024: Seize your dream offer ahead of Euro 2024 with BetConstruct

Score BIG with FTN 2024! Dream BIGGER with BetConstruct!
Score BIG with FTN 2024! Dream BIGGER with BetConstruct!

BetConstruct is offering a limited-time deal for a new multi-wallet website solution in anticipation of the Euro Football Tournament.

Press release.- BetConstruct unveils its time-limited special offer in anticipation of the Euro Football Tournament that allows users to launch a new multi-wallet website for just 2024 FTN.

FTN 2024 offer introduces a range of innovative features. The Multi-Wallet Website is a groundbreaking solution enabling users to manage multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies within a unified digital wallet. This functionality streamlines transactions, empowering users to hold or exchange various currencies. Additionally, the platform offers a Branded Exchange, affording users the convenience of swift wallet switching with just a single click, eliminating the need for external currency exchanges.

The exclusive offer of FTN 2024 will give multiple benefits to the operators during the European Football Championship: Compliance with regulations becomes smoother, ensuring proper segregation of player funds and bonus management. Operational tasks streamline, facilitating fund management across various gaming categories under one roof. Moreover, enhanced user experience fosters satisfaction and loyalty, enhancing player retention rates.

A single dashboard, similar to Metamask, provides access to all stored assets, allowing easy tracking, transactions, and management.

Additionally, the multi-wallet solution offers robust security features, including encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), and fraud detection systems. It also provides backup and recovery options, such as seed phrases, ensuring users can restore their wallets.

BetConstruct’s latest offer, FTN 2024, underscores its commitment to constant innovation. With its advanced multi-wallet solution, operators and players will have unmatched convenience and efficiency during the Euro 2024 tournament.

“Seize the FTN 2024 offer from June 14 to July 14 to elevate your platform for Europe’s biggest sports event! Score BIG with FTN 2024! Dream BIGGER with BetConstruct!”, stated the company.

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