FBM will attend to Mexico’s Gaming Summit

The gaming company already carries great recognition in the Mexican market.

Attendants at the Ibero-American Gaming Summit will be invited to experience FBM’s new proposals.

Mexico.- From May 17th to 18th, FBM will be showcasing its latest products and solutions to the video-bingo sector in the Ibero-American Gaming Summit in Mexico. Currently, the brand is expanding its markets whilst it keeps its position as a leading company in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia.

This year, FBM is celebrating its 15th anniversary since its foundation in Brazil, a market that could become the most attractive of the region soon. The company was a pioneer of video-bingo in Asian markets. Now it betting for more at international levels.

Although it is one of the biggest manufacturers of the Mexican industry, FBM will take part for the first time in the Ibero-American Gaming Summit. The booth will be leaded by the Mexican general manager, Luis Casamayor among other participants at the round table. FBM is looking forward for strengthening its relationships in the industry and debating about the development of the emerging market. Furthermore, Ibero-American Gaming Summit will offer conferences and forums about the sector in America and Spain.