Casinos in Puerto Rico gain momentum

More casinos in Puerto Rico may open soon.
More casinos in Puerto Rico may open soon.

Casinos are bouncing back, according to the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, which highlighted an interest in reopening closed gaming venues.

Puerto Rico.- The gaming sector begins to overcome a moment of crisis in Puerto Rico. That’s why it could soon expand again, as revealed by the authorities in recent hours.

Casinos have experienced an improvement in their finances, according to the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (CTPR). Director of its Gambling Division Jaime Alex Irizarry highlighted the renewed interest in the sector.

“The owners of El San Juan Hotel are moving forward with a potential opening of casino operations,” he explained. In addition, he referred to the Isla Verde lodge, which is also considering it.

“We are aware that it has already hired a consultant with experience in Puerto Rico,” he said. “He met with me to let me know the intention of the hotel owners to launch its casino operation.”

Revenue increase

The CTPR recently revealed an improvement in gaming’s finances during 2018-19. According to officials, casinos in Puerto Rico posted a slots revenue improvement. Furthermore, the “room tax” increased in that period as well.

Luis Umpierre, the agency’s financial officer, said they received US$148.2 million from slots in casinos in Puerto Rico. This figure is US$5.7 million higher than the US$142.5 million from a year before. In addition, it is US$7 million higher than in 2016-17, when it reached US $ 141.2 million.

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