Sheldon Adelson favours casinos in Brazil

Sheldon Adelson is lobbying for casinos to arrive in Brazil.
Sheldon Adelson is lobbying for casinos to arrive in Brazil.

Las Vegas Sands President Sheldon Adelson intends to invest €13.6 million to develop casinos in Brazil as lawmakers debate the segment’s legislation.

Brazil.- The Brazilian Institute of Tourism, Embratur, launched the debate on the legalisation of casinos in Brazil. For that matter, government representatives met with Sheldon Adelson, who intends to invest €13.6 million in the country.

During a meeting, Adelson advocated Brazil to legalise casinos. He then highlighted the importance of the industry to push tourism and generate jobs. In addition, he explained that his company would develop a venue with a convention centre and an 18k-seat stadium.

Embratur’s president Gilson Machado Neto confirmed that the government hopes to legalise casinos in Brazil soon. That’s why tourism and gaming officials travelled to Las Vegas to learn about regulatory models.

“The casino resort model can be something important and deserves serious and transparent debate,” said Machado Neto. He added: “There are cases in Singapore with an occupancy rate of 99%. Las Vegas is another positive example of the casino resort model.”

On the other hand, Adelson said: “It should be clear that this Casino Resort model is extremely safe. There is control to prevent problem gambling, especially for low-income people.”

Tourism pushes for casinos in Brazil

Deputy Newton Cardoso, president of the Tourism Chamber Commission, backed the gaming sector’s legalisation. He did so during the III C.L.I.A. Brazil Forum last week, at the Ministry of Tourism.

Representatives of the cruise market and politicians attended the meeting. They discussed where cruise development and tourism is going in the country. That includes potentially legalising casinos in Brazil.

Gaming legalisation could generate 200,000 jobs and formalise 450,000 workers.

“By the event’s opening, we explained the work we are doing in the Congress. And we push for the projects that we consider important to boost tourism in Brazil. Among them, the legalisation of gaming and casinos,” said Newton Cardoso Jr.

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