Lawmakers favour casinos in Brazil

Brazil casinos could open soon.
Brazil casinos could open soon.

Casinos in Brazil continue to gain support as Deputy Newton Cardoso, president of the Tourism Chamber Commission backed the segment’s legalisation.

Brazil.- Latin America is an ever-growing market and each country seems to be moving towards new regulations. That’s why casinos in Brazil continue to gain support and lawmakers want to get the segment rolling out as soon as possible.

Deputy Newton Cardoso, president of the Tourism Chamber Commission, backed the gaming sector’s legalisation. He did so during the III C.L.I.A. Brazil Forum last week, at the Ministry of Tourism.

Representatives of the cruise market and politicians attended the meeting. They discussed where cruise development and tourism is going in the country. That includes potentially legalising casinos in Brazil.

Gaming legalisation could generate 200,000 jobs and formalize 450,000 workers.

“By the event’s opening, we explained the work we are doing in the Congress. And we push for the projects that we consider important to boost tourism in Brazil. Among them, the legalization of gaming and casinos, ”said Newton Cardoso Jr.

The push

The Tourism Commission in Brazil filed its priority projects for 2019. Among them, it promoted casinos legalisation to work together with tourism. On the other end, the President of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil, Rodrigo Maia, got the projects and will work on it.

According to local media, Tourism Commission president Newton Cardoso Jr. delivered the proposals to deputy Maia.

Alongside Mr Cardoso was former Tourism minister Max Beltrão and Parliamentary Tourism Defense Front president, Herculano Pasos.

Furthermore, projects have been signed by the president of the Joint-Chamber Front for Gaming’s Approval. Said filing states that proposals could be debated next World Tourism Day, on September 27.

“As Tourism Day approaches, we think it’d be the ideal week to nail down this effort. That’s why we push for support to get proposed bills related with tourism in the Legislature’s Agenda. That includes casino legalisation,” they commented.

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