Canadian group backs off its anti casino proceedings


Great Canadian Gaming could get the green light to proceed with the construction process.

A group that was opposed to a project that would bring casinos to Peterborough stepped back from a legal battle.

Canada.- No Casino Peterborough, an organisation that is against a movement that would allow the re-zoning of land on the borders of an 80k population city to relocate a casino to the Peterborough area, announced that they backed off a legal battle against the developers.

Sheila Nabigon-Howlett, a spokesperson for No Casino Peterborough, said: “This was not an easy decision for our members. We still firmly believe this planned casino development is a looming disaster economically, socially and environmentally for Peterborough. As ordinary citizens, we do not have the deep pockets of city hall or the Downtown Business Association or Shorelines Slots At Kawartha Downs and the Ontario Lottery And Gaming Corporation, so we must find another way to keep up the fight and we will.”

In April 2016, the Ontario Gaming East Limited Partnership announced that they would be moving forward with the projected gaming facility in Peterborough. The partnership was selected as service provider for Ontario’s East Gaming Bundle back in September 2015. A pre-hearing about the re-zoning is scheduled for January 24-26, followed by a three week proceeding starting on May 8. Nabigon-Howlett said that it’s extremely difficult to compete with the legal advice that is required to stop the casino development.

The spokesperson commented that whilst they will continue to use the funds raised through crowd funding, they’re willing to return individual donations. “We are not giving up our fight. We want to protect our community from the social and economic costs of a casino and will remain a voice for the many people in Peterborough whose objections to this planned casino development the mayor and council refuse to listen to,” she added.

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