Yokohama IR development could help post-Covid-19 recovery

Yokohama's IR plans are facing opposition.
Yokohama's IR plans are facing opposition.

Mayor Fumiko Hayashi is trying to persuade residents to support the city’s IR development.

Japan.- Debates surrounding a potential IR development in Yokohama continue as Mayor Fumiko Hayashi tries to convince residents of the benefits.

Although Hayashi has not yet revealed whether she will run for reelection, her government has launched a website and a Facebook page providing information about the plans and benefits of the “Yokohama Innovation IR”

However, the Facebook fan page has not proved hugely successful. So far it has just 158 “likes” when the population of Yokohama city is over 3.75 million.

The city also staged an interview between Yokohama vice-mayor Toshihide Hirahara and Keio University Professor Hiroyuki Kishi to share pro-IR arguments.

Kishi stated that IR development could help the City’s economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the main opposition candidates, Masataka Ota, has announced that he will stand on an anti-casino ticket at the mayoral elections in August.

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