Yokohama IR “only one of the issues” in upcoming elections

Yokohama's mayoral elections are scheduled for July 2021.
Yokohama's mayoral elections are scheduled for July 2021.

Pro-IR mayor Fumiko Hayashi said other issues would have an influence on the election outcome.

Japan.- Although Yokohama’s incumbent mayor Fumiko Hayashi has not revealed whether she will run for reelection, she has argued that city’s proposed integrated resort project will be only one of the issues that will define the upcoming mayoral election.

Concern has grown about the future of Yokohama’s intended IR bid should Hayashi decide not to run for a fourth term.

The opposition mayoral candidate Masataka Ota has announced that he would stand on an anti-casino ticket.

He said: “If I become the mayor of Yokohama, the casino issue will disappear that very day. To put it plainly, I will not do casinos.”

The national government has postponed the period for IR applications but nine months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The application period will run now from October 1 2021 to April 28 2022 meaning that Yokohama will not be able to make its application until after the mayoral elections in July.

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