US court grants Kan Pacific request to seize IPI property

US court grants Kan Pacific request to seize IPI property

IPI has failed to pay a judgment awarded to the company.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The US District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands has granted a request by Kan Pacific Saipan to seize and sell property owned by Imperial Pacific International (IPI). Chief judge Ramona V. Manglona issued the approval for Kan Pacific’s request to satisfy a judgment totalling $697,801.30, and interest for a breach of contract.

Previous requests have been granted to Joshua Gray, a former director of operations who won a discrimination lawsuit against the casino operator, and US Fanter. In its application for a writ of execution, Kan Pacific recognised these prior writs and sought precedence concerning any remaining unsold assets or funds following the satisfaction of Fanter’s and Gray’s judgments.

According to Saipan Tribune, Manglona stated: “The court grants Kan Pacific’s application. It is therefore ordered that the clerk issue the writ of execution to the U.S. Marshal for the seizure of IPI’s vehicles, IPI’s liquor, IPI’s dragons, IPI’s computer hardware, IPI’s furniture, and equipment, IPI’s casino-related equipment and security equipment, and any and all other personal property of IPI as further identified in the application for the writ. 

“The clerk shall also provide IPI notice of its rights. Once the U.S. Marshals Service executes the writ of execution, IPI may file, in writing, any exceptions. Such filing is due 14 days after execution of the writ.” 

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