The MegaPari igaming digest: Your guide to the latest industry trends and developments

Find out the most interesting gambling news together with MegaPari.
Find out the most interesting gambling news together with MegaPari.

MegaPari embraces the future of gambling with AI, esports, and transparency.

Press release.- Since its introduction in 2019, MegaPari swiftly emerged as a prominent brand within the market. The company constantly strives to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments in order to provide players with the most modern and up-to-date offerings. Read further and find out the most interesting gambling news together with MegaPari

The global sports betting market is projected to reach $182.12bn by 2030

According to expert estimates from Research&Markets, the betting market is projected to grow by 10.4% annually over the next seven years, culminating in a worth of $182.12bn by 2030.

A major contributor to these growth rates is the burgeoning esports sector. From March 2019 to March 2020 alone (during the pandemic), revenue from esports betting experienced a massive surge of 2922 per cent. Key market players are leveraging the numerous esports tournaments as prime betting arenas.

MegaPari recognizes esports, seeing it as one of the prime areas of growth and opportunity in the future. The platform currently accepts bets on matches in more than 30 disciplines, including CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends, truly catering to the dynamic interests of its gaming community.

Aviator is setting new standards for fair play in India’s gambling industry

In India, a new wave of transparent gambling initiatives, integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency, is emerging.

Spribe is leading this trailblazing trend, creating games that offer not only an exciting experience but also unparalleled transparency. The multiplayer game, Aviator, embodies this notion perfectly, allowing players to independently validate the results of every round, thereby elevating the standards of fair play. Such an attribute cultivates trust between players and operators, thereby enriching the overall gaming landscape. 

MegaPari is extremely proud of its partnership with Spribe. Each Sunday, the brand presents its users with a delightful perk of 60 free spins, turning the end of the week into a thrilling occasion.

AskGamblers provides a resolution rate of 82 per cent for sports betting complaints

In their 2022 report, the dedicated team at Casino Complaint Service has once again proven why they are trusted by players – they’re not just efficient, they’re fast. Over the course of the year, they’ve assisted 5,918 players in recovering their funds, reaching a whopping figure of more than 40,000 AskGamblers members who have turned for help over the years.

The report also boasts impressive metrics beyond the financial figures; they achieved an 18 per cent increase in the ratio of accepted vs received complaints and a resolution rate of 82 per cent for sports betting complaints, experiencing a 70 per cent increase in total complaints.

Megapari is proud of its partnership with AskGamblers, as it reflects a shared dedication to enhancing the industry’s reputation, fostering fairness in gambling, and collaboratively addressing any issues that players may raise. 

Artificial Intelligence Set to Transform Slot Machine Development

Todd Haushalter, the chief product officer at Evolution, believes that artificial intelligence is set to pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in iGaming.

In a profound demonstration of the potential of artificial intelligence, a development team from Evolution recently utilized the Midjourney AI tool to generate nearly 80 per cent of the artwork for a groundbreaking slot machine. This development underscores the transformative impact AI is likely to have on the future of the gaming industry.

Parallel to this, over the past three months, the creative department at MegaPari has also been experiencing significant changes in its workflow. The team now employs the Midjourney neural network to produce up to 80 per cent of all their creative assets, a process confirmed by the Art Director of MegaPari. These developments underscore the increasing reliance on AI in the gaming industry, demonstrating a pivotal shift towards more automated creative processes.

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