Thai authorities prepare to submit casino study findings

Up to five integrated resorts could be spread across the country.
Up to five integrated resorts could be spread across the country.

The committee studying the feasibility of land-based and online casinos in Thailand will submit the results of its study to the House speaker on Wednesday.

Thailand.- The committee that’s been studying proposals to allow integrated resorts with casinos in Thailand has said that it will submit its findings to the House speaker this week. According to the Bangkok Post, Pada Vorakanon, a Palang Pracharath Party MP for Bangkok and spokeswoman for the special House committee, said the panel had approved its report and will submit it by Wednesday (July 27).

In June, the Thai House of Representatives established a 60-member “special committee” to study the proposal with the aim of ​​attracting foreign tourists. The committee includes 15 representatives from the Thai cabinet and 45 members from various political parties across the country. 

The committee has discussed allowing up to five integrated resorts across Thailand with the objective of boosting economic development in host cities.

According to Vorakanon, the committee held 24 meetings to review and discuss its findings before they were approved. She said its report includes proposals for tax legislation, the ideal locations for IRs, possible forms of investment, the possibility of bringing in gaming operators and measures to mitigate adverse effects.

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