Success Dragon executive director resigns

Success Dragon executive director resigns

The gaming company’s board of directors has released a statement announcing the resignation of Nai Yuet Cheung.

Macau.- Gaming company Success Dragon International Holdings has announced that Nai Yuet Cheung has resigned as an executive director, effective from October 15.

Yuet Cheung had joined the board in June, when the Macau-based firm, which helps manage gaming machines, announced changes in the board.

Four months later, Success Dragon is undergoing changes on the board again. It said: “Ms. Cheung has tendered her resignation as the Executive Director of the Company with effect from 15 October 2020. She indicated in her resignation letter that she resigned the position of the Company due to her other business engagement currently”.

The filing added: “Ms. Cheung has confirmed that (i) she has no claim against the Company in respect of her resignation and there is no disagreement between her and the Board; and (ii) there are no matters that need to be brought to the attention of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited or the shareholders of the Company in relation to her resignation.

“The Board would like to express its gratitute to Ms. Cheung for her valuable contributions to the Company during her tenure of service”.

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